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This is a great investing podcast with world class guests which really got me thinking!

This informative investing podcast has continued to get better with each episode! Lauren and Scott have gotten some world class guests and engaged them in conversations that have made me a better investor. In addition to the podcast, I also love Lauren and Scott's book Investing the Templeton Way (another 5 star recommend) which is a great companion to the podcast. Thanks Lauren and Scott and keep up the good work!

I am hooked!

I highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in investing and finance. The show features a diverse range of guests, each with interesting backstories that shed light on how they achieved success in investing and life. I particularly appreciate the show's focus on taking a long-term approach to investing, which aligns with my own investment philosophy. One of my favorite guests so far has been Perth Tolle, who offers a unique perspective on investing based on political and economic freedom. Her staunch approach to investing is inspiring and has helped me refine my own investment strategy.

Pleasant and informative

I'm a friend of Jeff's and a bit late to the party in regards to Value Investing. Many of the points that you discussed during the podcast resonated with me. Integrity, honesty, patience, humility, courage all in their own time applied consistently over a lifetime result in good results monetarily and in life. Well Done.

Thank you

Great first episode! Thanks Lauren for deciding to do this, I love your work, Im very excited!